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About me...

Keenya Rotunda –

Yoga and Shamanic Life Coach

Keenya, the AfroPagan, is a mom, abstract painter, yogi, Certified Life, Mindfulness, and Shamanic Life Coach.

Four years ago, Keenya embarked on a journey of studying and practicing various Spirituality Systems to heal from the effects of social ills. She wanted to reclaim her true self that would have flourished without that social engineering. Within that practice, yoga, qi gong, Shamanism, and her art combined to help heal her mind, heart, and soul. It's her wish to teach you to heal yourself. 

Areas covered include:
Paint Splatter 2

Therapeutic Art

Third Eye


Golden Chakra

Chakra Meditation

Eagle Sketch

Shamanic Ritual

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Third Eye

All sessions will be done on Zoom and in person. Please contact us for any personal queries.

Third Eye