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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a system of divination that uses the energy of letters that correspond to numbers. This system  was invented by the Ancient Chaldeans (Ethiopians who migrated to Modern-day southern Iraq).  There are many off-shoot systems of Numerology, such as Pythagorean/western, Tamil, and Kabbalah. I use Egyptian Numerology. 


In this report you will learn your soul life path, destiny, karmic numbers, gods and goddesses (spirit guides), and best careers for you. Also, of note, if you have a master number anywhere in your chart  and what that means for you. 


To get started, you have to submit your birthday and full name - the name you use on a daily-basis, no nicknames and payment. Once you do this, it will take me four days to complete your chart. This service costs $50


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