About what I Do...

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I have been taught a way to heal myself using the Indigenous people's Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Energy Healing. By the way, most indigenous cultures have a medicine wheel, and it's used by the Shamans and Shamanic Practitioners to heal the community or themselves.

We will start in the south and work our way to the east. Through the process of working in each direction you will form new stories for yourself, shed old habits and beliefs, and connect to your Higher Self. This is a powerful modality of self-care that can set you on the right path!

Ancestor Healing work helps you identify those unhealthy patterns that have perpetuated throughout your family and you. Knowing who your people are and what patterns were passed down that hinder your growth will help you clear them and make way for a better life.

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Areas Included...


The Medicine Wheel is a sacred circle that encompasses the four directions, elements, and life stages. We will go from the south to the east to create personal transformation. I can speak from personal experience that using the wheel has truly changed my life.


Sand/Soul Painting is an expressive modality that can plug you into your inner world to help  bring about transformation. It is the first stop on the wheel in the south.


Inner Child work, also in the south, helps you become the alchemist in that you find the silver lining in your issue. 


Ancestor Work is crucial. It is one of the first steps in reclaiming your self, no matter where you are in the wheel.

Buddhist Singing Bowl

Sound Healing can help facilitate mind/body/spirit healing as long as you set intention, let go and let flow.