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About me...

Keenya Rotunda –
Shamanic Practitioner, Life Coach, Ancestral Healing Coach, Sound Healing Practitioner

Hello, I'm Keenya, of AfroPagan. As a certified Shamanic Energy Healer, Life coach, and Sound Healing Practitioner, I can assist you in healing emotional issues, heal ancestral karma, and bring transformation.

Five years ago, I embarked on a journey of studying and practicing various Spirituality Systems to heal from the effects of low self-esteem, lack of knowledge of self, and trauma. I reclaimed my self using the Medicine Wheel, communicating with my Ancestors, and utilizing transformative tools.

I have dedicated my life to helping you heal your wounds, find your soul purpose, and connect with your Higher Self. 

You must be asking yourself, why do I want to do this?

I was abused by different family members at the age of two and sixteen. While I was getting help for that, my school therapist asked me to talk to a fellow student who had been abused as well. Immediately, I felt I would not be able to tell that person anything that would help. What did I know? But nonetheless, my therapist sat me down with this person and I opened up about my abuse experience and how I'd bounced back, the energy from that person had become lighter, and I knew I had created change.

I've carried that memory for years, never once thinking I could help anyone. After uncovering my soul life purpose, and realizing how that moment brought me to this NOW moment, I get to fully realize that drive to help.

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Third Eye

All sessions will be done on Zoom and in person. Please contact us for any personal queries.

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