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Do you need to cultivate energy? I know I do. This energetic split we're experiencing is intense and not always pleasant. So, here is my gift to you, my Serpent Energy Sequence for you to raise your energy.

To perform this sequence using Kundalini all you need to do is pause and feel the changes in your body after the Downward Dog. Caution: Kundalini is an advanced yoga practice. Do this under supervision of a yogi. Otherwise, the yin version is perfect.

If you prefer Yin then try to hold the poses for at least two minutes except for the Standing Squat. That is a yang pose, and I suggest 25 repetitions of that. If you have a knee injury then skip it! Don't skip the Savasana!

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Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Keenya or the AfroPagan. I am a mom, artist, and yogi on a never ending journey of discovering of myself and my place in the Universe.

Fours years ago I went on a journey spurned by the question," If my people had never been colonized and enslaved what religion would I have?" Through DNA analysis and many years of figuring what fit, I have figured out that my soul needs to be pagan. I am Mixtec, Huichol, Kumiyaay, Serrano, Muwekma/Ohlone on my mother's side. That means my genes hail from ancient Mexico/California. In addition to that, I have a healthy portion of African DNA. Truly, I am African-American or I come from Ancient African Americans.

The Pagan part is my love for the elements. I live by them on a daily basis. I salute the four directions every day where the elements reside in. Not only that, but I smudge spaces to cleanse them. I use my cistern when needed. My tarot and oracle cards are never far away from me for to long. Casting a spell isn't a foreign concept to me, either. See? Pagan all the way.

Every morning, I rotate between yoga or qi gong. Qi gong especially is a great way for me to do standing meditations. Yoga is helping me bust my ego.

What's the art part?

Artist part is essential I've found to my being. Ever since I was a wee little four-year-old drawing Josie and the Pussycats at my mother's dining table, I knew I wanted to be an artist. That love waned as your interest do while growing up, but I always found my way back to making art. Fast-forward to a 2016, I had my first solo show in Portugal at the Colorida Art Gallery. I've won awards for new artist a few times. I participated in a group showing in Santa Monica's BG Gallery. All of that I don't dismiss, but I grew frustrated and uncomfortable. My art wasn't helping anyone. It was there for people's enjoyment, but it didn't help people. So, I stopped making art and went back to school to learn metaphysics.

I received my Spirituality Coach Diploma, Shamanic Life Coach Certificate and other certificates so that I could fulfill what my soul wanted which was to help people grow. I missed making art though. Luckily, I found a therapeutic art program. My joy for making art resurfaced! I was genuinely excited about figuring out how to blend the modalities to heal. The Universe answered me and guided me to the right sources, so now I have the tools to not only help myself but others as well. I found my comfortable blend and my place in the Universe!

I hope you will check out my website and consider either letting me be your Yoga Life Coach for eight weeks or take my class on the 21-Day Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation Sadhana.

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These are the decks I used for the reading.

The Shaman's Oracle: Spirit of nurture - Spending time in Nature,

Spirit of Challenge - The Event! Spirit of Wisdom - Listen to your inner voice, inner gnosis, Higher Self. Dancer of Fear - Some of use will be frightened by the sudden changes. Spirit of Healing - Open your heart to receive healing and spiritual enlightenment

True Heart Intuitive Tarot - 2 of Swords - coming together, forming community, clarity, reflection, This is a coming together of our feminine and masculine forming our Merkaba.

7 of Wands - challenges, breaking of illusion, opening spirituality, reflection

Princess of Wands - growth, the opening of new paths, sexuality, freedom

2 of Discs - Balancing, earthly possessions,

3 of Discs - cooperation, working together, movement, forming a community

Prince of Wands - adventure, maybe a trip awaits, taking risks may be rewarding

King of Wands - Find your tribe

Queen of Discs - manifestation, desire, ease of manifestation is coming. Some of you may already be able to manifest as easily as you breathe.

8 of Discs - psychic awareness, dreams, energy

The Chariot - leadership, spirituality, taking the reins.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle - Trigonic Quartz - evolution to the highest dimension.

Energy Centers(EC) - Soma, Alta major, soul star, stellar gateway

Golden Healer - Channeler for Kristic Consciousness.

EC - soul star, stellar gateway,

Nirvana quartz - new beginnings, go with the flow. This crystal embodies enlightenment on Earth.

EC - highest crown

Black Tourmaline - Protection, shielding. WE need to ground with the intense enrgies coming in form the Galactic Central Sun and The Great Conjunction

EC - earth star, root

Preseli Bluestone - Spiritual compass

EC - earth star, soma(mid-hairline)

Moldavite - Djehuti's stone for the Emerald Tablets - facilitates spiritual awakening, integrate physical and spiritual

EC - all the highest EC's

My analysis: We are heading towards a spiritual breakthrough. We will gain clarity on all levels as the veil will finally be lifted for good. No more illusions, no more lies. We're done with that ish! Money will be a concern but not for long. Community will be a focus for us all, so find your tribe now.

This is multidimensional healing so integrating these new energies and the new paradigm shift will be our task for December.