Hello everyone,

I did a reading this morning for the month of September using the Shaman's Oracle Deck, Sacred Geometry Activations, and The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck. So let's get to it!

As usual, if this doesn't resonate with you that's cool. Disregard what I report.

This month it's important to speak your truth and communicate your needs and desires. Also, this month is a transitional time. September 11th is the actual New Year----the sidereal new year of the Ethiopian Calendar. On that day it will be 2013.

Communing with your Higher Self and allowing changes and transitions to occur is vital. Beware of tricks and lies coming at you. Use your Higher self to see one step ahead of the lies or through them.

Integrate non-linear or galactic time so that you can become multidimensional instead of 3D.

The crystals for this month are; rhodozite - for power and raising Kundalini

Preseli Bluestone - to develop an inner compass

Tiger's Eye - empowerment and success

The numerology numbers for this month are 5 - change and freedom, 6 - sacredness, harmony, appreciation, and love, 2 - duality and balance

That's it for today.

Be well, stay safe, and Peace!

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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Time they say is relative. And it is. Since this virus exploded all over the planet we have been quarantined. Some states here in the U.S. have lifted quarantined. Some states have lifted and gone back to quarantined. And lastly, you have states that have been in quarantine since day one, and we’re now in the middle of summer.

Since the quarantine, we have begun to see that we’ve been on a never-ending fast moving roller coaster of time. Before COVID-19, we got up by the ding of the alarm clock, clocked in at work at nine o’clock, checked our watches and smartphones obsessively, rejoiced at lunchtime and our fifteen-minute break, made a mad dash out of the office for the car, train or bus, ate dinner by seven, hit the bed by ten, and do it all over again, and again, and again. Like hamsters on a damn wheel, we just kept running and running without a destination or finish line on someone else’s predetermined time - the Matrix!

Then COVID-19 made itself at home which forced us to stay home. Maybe we lost our jobs and found something more fulfilling ways to spend our time. We showered when we wanted to, and ran the risk of funking up the house. We ate when we’re hungry, not when our bosses told us, too. We spent more time with our children homeschooling them even. We saw our spouses for more than twelve hours a day. We actually spent time with whom we wanted. Have you noticed that? And now with easing of quarantine we want to go back to the rat race! Parents are wringing their hands about sending their kids back to school. We want to live on someone else’s time again. Really?

Time was whatever we made of it with respect to Mother moon back in the day. We had three weeks to a month, nine days in a week, and five days to celebrate. We grew crops, baked bread, traded goods, made things with our hands. We taught our children how to farm, animal husbandry, sewing. The Elders and the shamans/sangomas lived on the outskirts of the community making medicines and communing with the elements to insure the community was in good standing with Mother Gaia. They also acted as the community psychiatrist. Tribal members were cared for from birth to death. Then the Vatican came with their Nicea Council, the Gregorian calendar, and upended all our good shit!

While the Council of Nicea, in 325 A.D. was the beginning of the end, Pope Gregory in October 1572 sealed our fate by issuing the Gregorian calendar, which was the remake of the Julian calendar. What he forced (by the tip of a sword) on the world was the Vatican time of four weeks in a month, and a leap year. It threw us off the natural rhythm of living by the moon-by the Divine feminine. The Gregorian Calendar, the Calendar of the Divine Masculine has been the backbone of materialism. Gone are the days of using your hands to make essential things, such as clothing, shoes, toys. We don’t plant crops en masse. We are completely dependent on the Matrix for food, clothing. All of us depend on the medical system as well. Are there any Sangomas/Shamans in your neighborhood? Can you go to one for real medicine that isn’t suspect? I mean medicine from Mother Gaia, not a laboratory. With Covid, our lives might become more upended than it already has been. If we have a second wave it could bring low food insecurity, vaccine scares, permanent unemployment, school dissolution, and clothing distribution interruption. How hard has it been to wait for an Old Navy delivery? Three weeks?

So what is the alternative? Let’s think about our time. If we, the collectively decided to take our time back-live by Mother Moon - then we leap out of 3d/4d into 5d. There is no such thing as time in 5d. It is what you make of it. Think about it! You could learn to make your own clothing. How about make your own shoes. If Daniel Day-Lewis did it so can we. I found a slipper kit on Etsy, so I’ll keep you posted on that! I learned how to sew in school, so I can make a skirt and top. Sewing children’s clothes is way easier than sewing adult clothes. Also, I have a green house, and it's tiny but mighty, so far. It holds up to the wind, but the damned chipmunks keep finding their way inside. If you live in an apartment building and have a balcony you can grow food in containers. Ask your landlord to allow you and the other tenants to grow food in the backyard or the roof. There are a lot of rooftop gardens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Yeah, I know it reeks of Hipsterdom but a rooftop garden makes sense.

What I’m saying is try to find ways to reclaim your real time back. According to the Mayan calendar we’re in a ten-day portal that started on July 15th that ends with the new Galactic Year on the 26 of this month. Also, we are in the universal Year number four, the year of rebuilding structures. This is our chance to rebuild our time.

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