AfroPagan Forecast - November

This will be an earth-centered energy forecast, and you'll see why in a moment. I drew Oracle cards from the Shaman's Oracle deck and The Crystal Healing Wisdom Oracle deck for the coming month of November and through those two decks, my guides have told me what we will have to deal with. Remember if this doesn't apply to you then that's cool- just disregard.

I will talk about the cards then the corresponding crystal for most of them.

Hunter of Vision card: (river, water)Manifest and aim higher than ever before.

Crystal: Brandburg Amethyst - You are enough just as you are. Think big when manifesting!

Ancestor of Boundaries: (earth)Protect your space and guard your boundaries, respect other's boundaries.

Black Tourmaline: (earth)Neutralizes toxic energy that can invade your subtle body. Beware of thoughts that don't serve you. Manifestation abilities will be amplified. Use black tourmaline to protect against EMF's.

Shaman of Loss: (Air) Restoration, balance, sovereign, rediscovery of forgotten truths.

Graphic Smokey Quartz: (all energy centers)Take a shaman's journey to find the healing you need so you can transform.

Shaman of Birth: (air) Rebirth of dreams, prepare for the moment.

Dancer of Friendship: (fire) Allies, Community, companionship

I drew cards that represent the four elements, earth, air, fire, and water. But the spread had an earthy feel to them. Especially when it came to boundaries. Ancestor of Boundaries is an earth card. It could mean earthly boundaries like rivers, lakes, mountains, or boundaries that are routinely crossed to your detriment. The Brandburg Amethyst is a combination of amethyst, clear, and smokey quartz crystals that resonate with a high-vibration. It clears energy centers(chakras), cuts emotional ties, and restores one to their original blueprint. It can also be used to stimulate the higher energy centers, such as soul star and stellar gateway. Use it to usher you through to your next transition(death of the physical body).

Brandburg Amethyst is mined from the Brandburg Mountains in Damaraland of Namibian desert, the oldest desert in the world. The mountain chain is highly regarded by the Khoisan, Herero, and Damara people as a sacred site.

Graphic smokey quartz is a grounding crystal and protects you from negative energy. When balancing your root energy center you have to ground.

Flint cleanses your skin tissue to the eternal system. This is an earthy stone.

Even though I pulled cards representing the four elements the overall feel was earthy and urgent. Mother Gaia wants us to get it together.

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