September 2020 Read

Hello everyone,

I did a reading this morning for the month of September using the Shaman's Oracle Deck, Sacred Geometry Activations, and The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle deck. So let's get to it!

As usual, if this doesn't resonate with you that's cool. Disregard what I report.

This month it's important to speak your truth and communicate your needs and desires. Also, this month is a transitional time. September 11th is the actual New Year----the sidereal new year of the Ethiopian Calendar. On that day it will be 2013.

Communing with your Higher Self and allowing changes and transitions to occur is vital. Beware of tricks and lies coming at you. Use your Higher self to see one step ahead of the lies or through them.

Integrate non-linear or galactic time so that you can become multidimensional instead of 3D.

The crystals for this month are; rhodozite - for power and raising Kundalini

Preseli Bluestone - to develop an inner compass

Tiger's Eye - empowerment and success

The numerology numbers for this month are 5 - change and freedom, 6 - sacredness, harmony, appreciation, and love, 2 - duality and balance

That's it for today.

Be well, stay safe, and Peace!

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