The Big December Read!!!!

These are the decks I used for the reading.

The Shaman's Oracle: Spirit of nurture - Spending time in Nature,

Spirit of Challenge - The Event! Spirit of Wisdom - Listen to your inner voice, inner gnosis, Higher Self. Dancer of Fear - Some of use will be frightened by the sudden changes. Spirit of Healing - Open your heart to receive healing and spiritual enlightenment

True Heart Intuitive Tarot - 2 of Swords - coming together, forming community, clarity, reflection, This is a coming together of our feminine and masculine forming our Merkaba.

7 of Wands - challenges, breaking of illusion, opening spirituality, reflection

Princess of Wands - growth, the opening of new paths, sexuality, freedom

2 of Discs - Balancing, earthly possessions,

3 of Discs - cooperation, working together, movement, forming a community

Prince of Wands - adventure, maybe a trip awaits, taking risks may be rewarding

King of Wands - Find your tribe

Queen of Discs - manifestation, desire, ease of manifestation is coming. Some of you may already be able to manifest as easily as you breathe.

8 of Discs - psychic awareness, dreams, energy

The Chariot - leadership, spirituality, taking the reins.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle - Trigonic Quartz - evolution to the highest dimension.

Energy Centers(EC) - Soma, Alta major, soul star, stellar gateway

Golden Healer - Channeler for Kristic Consciousness.

EC - soul star, stellar gateway,

Nirvana quartz - new beginnings, go with the flow. This crystal embodies enlightenment on Earth.

EC - highest crown

Black Tourmaline - Protection, shielding. WE need to ground with the intense enrgies coming in form the Galactic Central Sun and The Great Conjunction

EC - earth star, root

Preseli Bluestone - Spiritual compass

EC - earth star, soma(mid-hairline)

Moldavite - Djehuti's stone for the Emerald Tablets - facilitates spiritual awakening, integrate physical and spiritual

EC - all the highest EC's

My analysis: We are heading towards a spiritual breakthrough. We will gain clarity on all levels as the veil will finally be lifted for good. No more illusions, no more lies. We're done with that ish! Money will be a concern but not for long. Community will be a focus for us all, so find your tribe now.

This is multidimensional healing so integrating these new energies and the new paradigm shift will be our task for December.

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