The Comfortable Blend

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Keenya or the AfroPagan. I am a mom, artist, and yogi on a never ending journey of discovering of myself and my place in the Universe.

Fours years ago I went on a journey spurned by the question," If my people had never been colonized and enslaved what religion would I have?" Through DNA analysis and many years of figuring what fit, I have figured out that my soul needs to be pagan. I am Mixtec, Huichol, Kumiyaay, Serrano, Muwekma/Ohlone on my mother's side. That means my genes hail from ancient Mexico/California. In addition to that, I have a healthy portion of African DNA. Truly, I am African-American or I come from Ancient African Americans.

The Pagan part is my love for the elements. I live by them on a daily basis. I salute the four directions every day where the elements reside in. Not only that, but I smudge spaces to cleanse them. I use my cistern when needed. My tarot and oracle cards are never far away from me for to long. Casting a spell isn't a foreign concept to me, either. See? Pagan all the way.

Every morning, I rotate between yoga or qi gong. Qi gong especially is a great way for me to do standing meditations. Yoga is helping me bust my ego.

What's the art part?

Artist part is essential I've found to my being. Ever since I was a wee little four-year-old drawing Josie and the Pussycats at my mother's dining table, I knew I wanted to be an artist. That love waned as your interest do while growing up, but I always found my way back to making art. Fast-forward to a 2016, I had my first solo show in Portugal at the Colorida Art Gallery. I've won awards for new artist a few times. I participated in a group showing in Santa Monica's BG Gallery. All of that I don't dismiss, but I grew frustrated and uncomfortable. My art wasn't helping anyone. It was there for people's enjoyment, but it didn't help people. So, I stopped making art and went back to school to learn metaphysics.

I received my Spirituality Coach Diploma, Shamanic Life Coach Certificate and other certificates so that I could fulfill what my soul wanted which was to help people grow. I missed making art though. Luckily, I found a therapeutic art program. My joy for making art resurfaced! I was genuinely excited about figuring out how to blend the modalities to heal. The Universe answered me and guided me to the right sources, so now I have the tools to not only help myself but others as well. I found my comfortable blend and my place in the Universe!

I hope you will check out my website and consider either letting me be your Yoga Life Coach for eight weeks or take my class on the 21-Day Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation Sadhana.

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