Universal Month Number 5

Feeling safe and secure is what we need to focus on this month of Universal month number 5. Being receptive, having reverence and a natural curiosity for life is what you will deal with. Birth that idea and show your unique genius to the world. See beyond limitations and outcomes to the big picture, and don’t work to manipulate to conceal the truth. You are sovereign, remember that. You have control over your soul and your life. Last month in number four we witnessed the increase in the crumbling of structures (this is the year of Structures numerology number 5) and we will continue to see ish crumble even more. So in short, Show compassion to those who are frightened by what's happening as we move closer to the Age of Aquarius(Age of Gnosis or Air). October will be an adventurous month.

Elements for October are earth, fire, and air, and their corresponding chakras are root, solar plexus, and throat. I've been getting a lot of Air in my oracle readings lately, and the month just started! This tells me we need to work on communication-throat, and spirit- Air. That is a lot of air work.

Crystals to use during this month: quantum quattro, rainbow mayanite, anandalite, halite, rhodochrosite. Some of these crystals and minerals can be difficult to find/ expensive so find pictures of them and meditate with those. You will get the same effect.

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